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Lone Sole Old Town Mocc

Lone Sole Old Town Mocc

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A nostalgic look back at handsewn greatness. 

Traditional handsewn tool and craft, simply the finest heirloom USA made leather, and the basic odds and ends of beeswax and Maine spun threads create the foundation of this collection, in honor of the Traditional New England Made Handsewn Leather Moccasin. 

This classic Canoe Style moccasin is made with Horween Chrompak Leathers. Sewn with Maine Thread handsewn ends, and finished with the whisper of hundreds of years of tradition. 

The Lone Sole Old Town Mocc is a single bottom Chrompak Leather Handsewn Shoe. Leather bottom shoes are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor wear, but are not recommended on icy conditions. The Single bottom construction of this moccasin can be resoled, but the work will need to occur before a hole is worn through the bottom of the shoe. Resoling this Lone Sole Old Town Mocc will upgrade the styling to mock the Twin Sole Old Town Mocc, as seen as part of the Straight & Narrow Collection. 

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