Bare Bones Handsewn

Bringing Back Handsewn

Bringing Back Handsewn...

What makes BBH handsewn different from the others?

Our shoes are designed to feature the hand crafted artistry that makes Maine shoemaking special. We are going the extra stitch to make your shoe a little something more. We are proud of every detail that makes a BBH moccasin different from the rest. 100% Made in Maine, Honest.

  • Handsewn Mudguard

    This leather double bottom sole is handsewn with each stitch made by an experienced craftsmen

  • Handsewn Backstay

    The handsewn backstay of our Womens slipper gives the smooth comfort of a snug fit

  • Handsewn Saddle

    Our crisp clean saddle floats over this design and then is anchored in this Vibram sole sealed with a handsewn stitch

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